Bargain Bronzer – Hello Summer!

I am so fed up of this cold, rainy, windy weather! I can’t believe that those few weeks of sunshine in March may have been our summer for 2012 and now we’ll be subjected (I just wrote ‘sunjected’ – think the subconcious misspell says it all!) to gloomy grey skies for months on end… anyway enough of the grumpyness, the silver lining is that I went bronzer shopping recently to perk up my pale skin!

I decided I wanted quite a versatile bronzer that could adapt depending on my skin tone – one that I could build up for more of a deep bronze effect, or just glide over the apples of my cheeks for a sunkissed glow. It is also near my payday, so being fairly broke I didn’t want to shell out a fortune…so naturally I thought of MUA. For those of you who don’t know – and I doubt that’s no-one – MUA is a fab make-up brand, pioneered by make up artists and professionals and sold for peanuts… well £1 actually – in the basic range everything costs £1. I know…BARGAIN! It is exclusively sold by Superdrug.

MUA have also launched MUA Professional which is slightly more expensive… I think prices start at £2.50 – so still cheap as chips!

So, I invested in two bronzers from the MUA Professional range, priced at £2.50 each. They are mosaic bronzers which is fab as you can mix the colours and achieve different effects on your skin tone. You can also use the individual colours on your eyes as eyeshadow or to highlight different areas.

I choose the Sunkissed Bronzer and the Natural Glow Bronzer. The Sunkissed is quite warm toned and I think I will use this more when I’m slightly more tanned. Or I mix it with a bit of the Natural Glow to add more depth to the Natural Glow colour. The Natural Glow is perfect to wear in daylight – I dust it all over the face and then contour under my cheek bones with some of the darker shades. The colour doesn’t necessarily last all day – but I think this is only to be expected…and I quite like topping up my bronzer anyway… just like topping up my tan, hah!

MUA Professional Bronzers

What do you think of MUA bronzers – have you tried them? Can you recommend any other cheap brands?